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In 1976, with the end of the activities of Abril-Tec (division of technical magazines of Editora Abril), Editora QD was born. The former employees were able, through an auction of offers, to acquire titles of the extinct division. Among those interested, the administrator and engineer Denisard Gerola da Silva Pinto and the pharmacist and editor-in-chief of both Emanoel Fairbanks acquired the publications Chemistry and Derivatives and Plastic Modern. Since then many things have happened, more than 1,000 editions have been published on the direction of QD Publishing, several products were launched among guides, magazines and portals.

Today, in addition to the magazines Química e Derivados e Plastico Moderno, she publishes the magazine Petróleo & Energia, the guides: General Guide to Chemical Products, Brazilian Yearbook of Plastic, Guide to the Laboratory, General Guide to Machinery and Equipment and the portals Quimica.com .br, Plastico.com.br and Petroleoeenergia.com.br etc. To carry out the work moved from a tight space from the beginning of its activities to currently occupy an area of 600 m2 office full of state-of-the-art equipment and qualified professionals who work tirelessly to deliver quality expert information.


To have the main source of specialized information on the chemical, petroleum and production chain of plastic, encompassing the production and commercialization of chemical and petrochemical inputs, as well as the chemical process industries, from obtaining their raw materials, such as Petroleum, natural gas, agricultural products and minerals, generation and distribution of energy, as well as research and professional training activities, acting in an efficient, convergent, impartial and precise manner in all available social media to contribute For sustainable national development.


To remain as a reference to unite the entire production chain, becoming indispensable in the day-to-day market professionals in which it operates in the production of content and commercialization of advertising space, through teams and collaborators committed to the satisfaction of the readers and advertisers .


Core values and unquestionable, respected and defended by all employees:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Pioneering
  • Editorial Independence
  • Commitment to all aspects of business
  • Search for Excellence with focus on Clients’ Results