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90000Monthly visitors in the portal
446000Followers on social media
60000Views banner month
Your success starts by the name or, in this case, domain.

Leader in information for the chemical market, sanitation, chemical processes, petroleum, energy, and laboratory plastics. Advertise on our vehicles is a guarantee of reaching the right audience.



With 18 years of experience and continuous updating, the Chemical Portal (www.quimica.com.br) became reference and hit the lead throughout the chain chemical, petrochemical, sanitation and where there are chemical processes.


They are reports, news, event coverage, calendars, digital magazine, an industry panel, technical articles and more consulted by around 90,000 unique visitors per month.


In addition, the Quimica.com.br reached more than 446,000 followers (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter) further expanding its leadership and market preference.


Working on different devices

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Newsletter Chemistry

54828Readers per issue

An effective communication channel to approach B2B decision makers

Química Portal Newsletter is sent to professionals registered and subscribers of the magazine. Counting always on a strong and updated editorial content, it generates the reader’s interest and values the sponsors’ brands.

100% of the sector companies and professionals have email and large part of them wants to receive relevant information about the sector

Every month thousands of professionals register to receive Quimica.com.br newsletter.
Being an expert sponsor generates recognition to the brand, growth in the relationship, engagement and new leads.


Email Marketing

220000Updated emails containing information about the sector

The success of your company starts by the data base

Química e Derivados magazine and Quimica.com.br Portal count on the largest and most complete data base in the sector.

Professional dispatching system (respecting every rule of good conduct on the internet)

Excellent coverage rate (the more you use it, more customers you conquer)
Distinct and daily updated data base enhances your chance of obtaining good results.

Mailing Composition


Química e Derivados magazine, whether printed or digital, (50 years as a leader);

 Quimica.com.br portal visitors (18 years as a leader counting on Química (Chemistry) even in the name);
Thousands of companies and professionals registered at the Chemical Products General Guide and Laboratory Guide;
Visitors and Exhibitors of over 30 business exhibitions and conferences (Abrafati, FCE Cosmetic and Pharma, Analitica, Food Ingredients, FIEMA, In-Cosmetics Brazil, Feitintas, Fenasan, Petrochemistry Latin American Annual Meeting, Feimafe, etc);
Partnership with the major Associations and Unions;

Examples of campaigns


Impacted professionals x Discharges

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  • Estimated values


400Active Companies
6000Products Available

Generator of thousands of consults every month

Have your company, address, telephone number, list of products, logotype, history and individualized contact form disclosed in the most important sectorial guide.

A modern guide, adapted for smartphones, tablets and computers, written in three different languages (Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish), containing what is most modern and safe on the internet, disclosed in several business portals, magazines and social networks.

The purchaser encounters convenience to use and agility to make his/her consults and cost estimate.

The advertiser negotiates directly with the purchaser.

Disclose your products and services to thousands of purchasers. Receive consults 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Different devices and the only trilingual in the market


PubliEditorial - Advertising Report

90000Monthly visitors in the portal
446000Followers on social media

Novelty at your service


Associate your brand to a relevant content

PubliEditorial is about articles produced by advertisers aiming to generate editorial content to the reader.

These Sponsored Articles are clearly identified, warning the web surfer that he is consuming advertisement.

But with the difference that he/she notices the brand interest in bringing expertise. Think about a hint or information which generates content and also highlights your company.

PubliEditoriais are disclosed at Química Portal to 90,000 visitors per month.

f_icon1Post on quimica.com.br facebook page (442 thousand followers)

Extra return: Every PubliEditorial disclosed on Química Portal receives two Posts on Química Facebook Page, generating further return and reading.


Química e Derivados Magazine

50Years of success
570Printed editions
45000Influential players in the industry

The most respected magazine industry

Counting on over 50 years and 570 editions, Química e Derivados magazine (printed or digital), has conquered the market and is the favorite of professionals who influence and determine the purchase of products and services in the chemical market.

The magazine readers are leaders, entrepreneurs, administrators, engineers, officers, managers and supervisors of the most diverse companies where industrial chemical procedures occur.

With a unique announcement, your message reaches the hands of professionals of difficult access at the moment they seek information and providers to improve the procedures in their respective companies.


50 years + 570 printed editions

Southeast 78,71%
 South 14,07%
Northeast 4,45%
North 1,47%
Midwest 1,30%


In addition to the monthly readers, Química e Derivados magazine counts on periodic extra editions for distribution in the sectorexhibitions and events in Brazil and abroad, generating further business to the advertisers.



  • Male
  • Female
 Directors 70,1%
 Managers 21,1%
 Supervisors 5,35%
 Engineers 1,34%
 Others 2,05%


Química e Derivados readers indicate, specify and purchase products and services for their companies (private or public). They are officers, managers, engineers and employees with great power of decision at the moment of closing business.


Social class

  • Public A e B
  • Public C

Chemical Products General Guide

36Years of credibility
1800Participating companies
5000Products available
10000Buyers use our guide

Whoever wants to sell, advertises here!

Every purchaser of national territory chemical, petrochemical products, ingredients, reactants and specialties consults and buys by means of the GUIDE. It is over 30 years of success, 1,800 companies and about 5,000 items.

The Guide has been developed to meet the necessities of formulators, chemists and technicians who operate in purchasing and laboratory departments and at the manufacturing plant. There, professionals encounter fast and organized information and trustful providers.


36 years credibility


Laboratory Guide

27Years of credibility
10000Buyers use our guide

Tested and Approved

In order to reach all laboratories in Brazil and highlight your company, your communication vehicle is the Laboratory Guide.

Whoever purchases material, devices, equipments, instruments, gases, reactants, glassware, furniture, hardware, consumable or disposable consults the Guide.

It may be easily found in the hands of professionals who operate in laboratories, as well as in the hands of buyers.

It is important to advertise from chemical products which shall be tested prior to be used in industries to analytical products which shall be purchased and used in laboratories.


27 years of credibility